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How To Do Free Background Checks on People and Yourself

Q: How To Find Out if Someone Has a Criminal History?
A: You can check with your local clerk of courts office and ask them to search public criminal court cases in your city and or county. You can also look for a person’s criminal record at the state level by searching your state’s justice department website for public criminal records that you can search online. Also you can check with your local sex offender registry and see if this person is a convicted sex offender. For instance if you live in Florida you can also visit websites such as to view public records in the state of Florida at no cost.

Q: Ways to find out if a person has been arrested?
A: Contact your local county jail and or state prison and ask if this person has been incarcerated there. You can also check your local county sheriff’s website and search for recent arrests and convictions.

Q: How Can I search criminal records of someone online?
A: Start with your local clerk of courts office. Ask them if they have a website that gives the public access to search criminal court cases. If they do allow people to search criminal court cases online for free you can search criminal records by name and find out if they have a record. You can also search your state’s justice departments website online and search for court cases that way as well. Also the bureau of prisons has a website that you can search inmates that are currently and have been locked up in prison. Also try the sex offender registries in your state to see if this person is a registered sex offender. Mainly you want to search any and all public criminal records that your local and state gives you access to. You can also visit this website and or the BOP to locate inmates and learn about free criminal background checks.

Q: How to find out if someone is in jail?
A: You can find out if a person is in jail by getting an idea of where you think this person has been sent to jail at. Once you find out the location then you can locate the jails website and search inmates by name and or call the county jail or prison yourself and ask if this person is in custody.

Q: Can I really search for criminal backgrounds of people for 100% free?
A: Yes! Your local and state government gives the public access to public records. In these public records you can find out if a person has been convicted of a crime, if they are a sex offender, if the person has been sent to jail and alot more with access to public criminal records for free.

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